See the world through fresh eyes...

An Educational Platform, Media Company, Licensing Brand & Fashion Label focused on Inner Peace &

Your mind makes all the pain...
It can also end it.

We all share the same home...

One Planet One Mind

Perfect love casts out all fear

The world is ruled by the mind...

The mind can be ruled by
love or fear
We see what we think we are. Projection makes perception

Rethink Everything
The world we see is an effect of the mind, not the cause of it as we mistakenly believe. 

Love created us like itself.
You cannot ride two horses at once, especially when they are going in opposite directions.

Know yourself

The focus of direct perception or yoga, meaning "union," is to end conflict in the mind born of illusions that it itelf has created. By uprooting insecurity we weed out those illusions. Having corrected our misperceptions, we come to witness our essential nature.
Love remains 

Changed mind Changed world
When the ego thought system is dropped the blessed awareness of who we actually are emerges

We have a mission here:
To wake up

All wisdom does one thing:
It leads us home to ourself.
A mind that has not questioned what reality is is trapped in illusions. We are a bag of changing habits with a heart. Some are more cut off from the heart than others. But those differences are temporary. When we are devoted to the wisdom of undoing, to seeing differently, to loving wholeheartedly,... we come to develop trust in life.
The heart expands banishing all fleeting darkness. 

A mind given over to love heals all wounds, ends all problems and liberates us from our self-imposed limitations. Such a human being can rise to any challenge. They become aware of their inner strength and witness it in others.
They lift the world entire.

You are that person. 

We all are.

The world we see is an outward picture of an inward condition. It may be full of problems and conflict, loss and gain. But we are the world: what we see in it is an outer reflection of our inner stories. 

Our Mission

Designed to celebrate that love created you like itself
Devoted to healing the psyche of self-deception
Determined to See Differently

Seeking not to change
the world but to change
our minds about it

Dedicated to ending the pain mechanism
Aware that trust frees the mind
We gratefully cherish the clarity born of direct perception

Sutranovum is known for its high-quality merchandise, its dedication to emotional intelligence &its observation of deep truths that free man from the bondage of his illusionary fears. 

Sutranovum is a global organization that operates as a licensing fashion brand and publishing company emphasizing the importance of intelligence, lack of judgment, discrimination, happiness, joy, gratitude, forgiveness & emotional wisdom. 

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Sutranovum celebrates our awakened nature through various initiatives, including a yoga products line and other high-quality merchandise.

We have a sutranovum podcast, and an animation:

& a publishing company & shop in the works also.

We understand that the key to what is real within us is found through discipline, patience, honesty,  humility, tolerance, self-reflection, open-mindedness, faith, generosity, gentleness, forgiveness, defenselessness and imagination. 

A sense of humor sure helps too! To focus on remembering to laugh and connect with the innocent fool in us, we created a comic series and an animation devoted to making fun of human foibles.

Bodisutra holds up the mirror to how our inner 'monkey see as monkey do.'  When we change how see, we change what is looking. When we open the doors of perception, we can shift our focus to understand that 'monkey do as monkey see.
In this kernel of wisdom lies the possibility of a sane mind. 

Our inspiration rests on axioms of great simplicity:
Humanity's problems cannot be solved externally
All healing, ultimately, is of the mind
We are never upset for the reason we think
Simplicity is complicated for twisted minds
We see what we believe to be true