Yoga Studios 

At Sutranovum, we gratefully celebrate perception without conflict. The focus of yoga, like any other approach to wisdom, is to end conflict in the mind. All wisdom does one thing: it helps us discover who we really are. Inspired by our love of wisdom we are in the process of creating a line of yoga wear and yoga props. We are looking to connect with yoga studios across the planet. We can send you a catalog with our products and wholesale prices. If you dig our vibes and you run a yoga studio, please know that we are looking to expand globally and please do get in touch: let us know your country and location so we can work with you on wholesale distribution solutions. 

One Planet One Mind
We all share the same home in space. The world is ruled over by the mind. The mind can be ruled over by love or fear. You cannot ride two horses at once, especially when they are going in opposite directions

Change the mind and you change the world. 

The world may be full of problems and conflict. But we are the world. It is an outer reflection of our inner stories. When we uproot insecurity we end the conflicts within ourselves and love remains. A mind given over to love heals all wounds, ends all problems and liberates us from all limitations.