The Sutranovum Podcast
We interview guests about the various themes that are at the heart of our focus. We also invite podcasters whom we consider aligned with our focus, to come in and play guest host at Sutranovum Podcast: to promote their own presence - as long as they are in alignment with our primary focus: healing the mind. 

Walking Each Other Home

What I see in you reflects what I see in myself. Perfect love casts out fear.

We cover:
Psychotherapy - Yoga - Psychology - Enlightenment - Ecological Wisdom - The Stoics - Remembering to Laugh - Comparative Mythology -Anthropology - Storytelling - Writing - Art - Education - Social Sciences - Interdisciplinary Approaches to Mind - Healing - Holistic Management - Spirituality - Mysticism - Parmenides - Empedocles - Socrates - Ramana Maharshi - Jiddu Krishnamurti - Neville Goddard - Joseph Murphy - Florence Scovel Shinn - The Yoga Sutras - The Course in Miracles - Neuroscience - Joseph Murphy - Advaita Vedanta - Ramana Maharshi - Forgiveness - Holistic Management - Spiritual Matters - Raising Children - Native American wisdom - Perception - Wisdom - Indigenous Traditions - Buddhism - Gnosticism - Sufism - The Evolution of Technology - UG Krishnamurti - Bhakti - Jnani - Zen - Humanism - Transpersonal Psychology - Generative Agriculture - Death and Dying - Ethics - Relationship - Right Livelihood - Intelligence - Freedom from the known - Culture - Robert A Johnson - Carl Jung - Holistic Action - Economics - Technology - Yoga Practice - The future of fuel - Science - Praxis - Trust - The Feminine - The Masculine - Healing - Perception - Sanity - Hydrogen Fusion - Psychospiritual meaning - The Enneagram - Transcendence - Literature - Films - Great Artists - Great Scientists - Agricultural policy - Humanistic politics - Strategy - Entrepreneurship - Buddha - Inspiration - Creativity - Myth - Logos

Program Formats
We invite our guests to interview to do
1. Themed specials with guests of their choice.
2. General interviews with our hosts focused on the entrance question:

How did you come to see the world the way you do now?

We invite live participants to ask questions if so inspired and if you participate your questions might be used in books that we print. But we would not be able to compensate you for your participation.

Wanako Oberhuber and Nathan Curry are the hosts of the Sutranovum podcast channel. If you would like to appear on our show please fill in the form that is coming to this page shortly.  We can do broadcasts in English, German, Italian and French.

Guest Hosts & Guests

If you would like to be a guest host on our channel then please reach out to us at and share your background and interest. Do the same if you would like to be a guest. 

Audio to Transcript to Books
We are also a publishing company and those podcasts which we feel merit being made into books we will support through to publication and share in any profits made.