What we do

Alfred Hitchcock, the screenwriter and movie director, was once asked

 "What is the most important thing to make a great movie?" 

He responded:
"There are three things. 

1. The Script 
2. The Script
3. The Script." 

Love starts from small and humble beginnings. She does not put on airs nor puff herself up. Love sends her cues through inspiration and longing. We are the listeners, the receivers and the vehicles of love's gifts.

From such small beginnings and quiet listening, sutranovum has emerged from the silence and continues to flower.

The best actors and all the money in the world can't save a lousy script. A great script with crappy actors and a low budget will still speak to the heart and find its way to amplification in time. Equally, if the storied logic underwriting all our activity aligns with love, then no matter what we do it will be valuable, for it is rooted in meaning. Following on from Hitchcock's scripts came movie studios, producers, casting agents, actors, cinematographers, and editors; an almost endless story of creative possibility. Similarly, out of Sutranovum's insistence to marry beautiful design with the logic of seeing with fresh and loving eyes comes:

A Publishing Company

A Fashion Label

A Design Company

A Podcast Channel

A Webcomic and Animation Channel

A micro-loans company and incubator in the social impact space

An Educational Foundation

The Goddess Metis was the goddess of practical wisdom. Metis has two meanings.
Me tis - means "no one"
Metis - means the quality of trickery that can free us from the spell of the trickery of the ego. When one is free of the ego one is no one. Freedom lies in this spaciousness. 

At the heart of what we do is a devotion to the all-encompassing wisdom of love.  Without love, we live in a barren desert world of our own making. It is the logic and the foundational root of all that we do at sutranovum. 

Mount Kailash in Tibet: a couple days after the seed idea was planted for what was to become sutranovum.