Sutranovum Design

The origin of the word "design" in Pre-Socratic Greek language means something that we used to possess. It is about a search into an oblivious state of memory to find that lost possession. 

έσχειν the root of the word "design"
'eschein' - to hold or to possess (past tense)
- to have what once was held in one's possession

This seems to be the opposite of the modern meaning of design which connotes innovation and novelty. But the Greek mystics believed that there was nothing new. Nothing just appears out of nothing. Everything comes from something. 

The great artist Michelangelo said he removed everything in the stone that was not David. In a similar way, design is about forgetting what is not essential. It is the erasing of false connections; the return to the umbilical origin so that the seat of invention, at the heart of all newness is attended to.

Form and function change their connection over time. First, we travel on foot, then by bicycle, then by train, then by car and then by plane. The bicycle and the shoe evolve and all of this is a story of design. But at the heart of design is pragmatism, appeal and a quest to marry: 

function and purpose
with beauty and grace

Just as the Ancient Greeks cultivated this search for the idea of lost original possession of existence into their creative process we seek to marry aesthetics with purpose in what we design and we seek to connect, where possible, with the deeper focus of the freeing the mind:
to know oneself
To this end we have built a design brand around numerous daily objects from coasters to cups to calendars.