Sutranovum: the elegant wing of what we do

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.
Mark Twain

The world is a complex place. It is full of beauty. But that beauty is mixed with pain, sorrow, misery and injustice. Man’s problems cannot be solved externally except at the level of practical applications to physical issues. Our deepest most enduring challenges are psychological and require internal correction. Confronting these issues is why we are really here. 

Our inspiration has been to create a brand that serves to remind us of why we are really here; Sutranovum is a lifestyle brand devoted to enlightenment, creativity and emotional intelligence in relationships. We are purpose-driven and our purpose has been carefully crafted to match a very high design standard. 

Our primary purview is on what leads us to liberation from our psychological pain - be it in the workplace, in relationships or in handling physical illness, poverty, mental health issues or depression. We focus on the root issues; the changes in perception that are needed for us to wake up from the nightmare of our own deceptions. We explore the psychology that supports emancipation from human suffering and the wisdom of holistic management of our economy and ecosystems. 

We have built a stylish brand around those themes: Sutranovum is a high-quality fashion brand that combines world-class fabrics, affirmations that promote gratitude and forgiveness, wisdom and the highest standard of creative design around healing meditations. We are also developing yoga pants, yoga products and other beautiful gift items;  cards, stationary, journals, essential oils etc. We have a podcast channel and a publishing company in development, with numerous books in production; all swirling around the same central focus and themes. But we lead and launch with T-Shirts.