Bodisutra Animation

"Happiness is knowing you are an ass, just like everyone else."

Bodi, Multiverse traveller/ monkey (sort of). 

Bodisutra is an animation comedy telling the story of 3 aliens from a parallel universe coming of age in ours. Bodi is frequently an idiot. 

In a freak accident, involving gamma radiation near a wormhole (what later came to be known as "meliomorphing"), that their spaceship has been orbiting for some time, three scientists from a parallel universe find their minds (but not their bodies) swapped with two monkeys and a dog on our planet. 

Goal: Use humor to support enlightening dialogue. 

Raison d'etre of goal: The focus with Bodisutra is wisdom and humor, specifically humor that is disarming but not too insulting. Anything that encourages the ego to laugh at itself, without being too rude, offers an opportunity to lighten up. 

Norman, the dog, and his friends Bodi and Hana are the monkey characters. Bodi, the monkey, is the wise fool who asks dumb and smart questions. Hana, his wife, finds her own challenges being now bound to the body of a monkey and handling her reactions to their new world and to Bodi. These characters inspire the animation’s tagline: “Tame the monkey mind.

Norman the dog becomes enlightened, or almost enlightened, as a strange side effect of the “accident.’ They get adopted by a Californian family (the father of whom, Max, runs a bio-plastic company) and we the audience, get to be entertained by the everyday world of this cross-cultural exchange. 

They embark on a hilarious transformative journey within themselves, and across multi-dimensional spacetime, adapting to their new reality in the wild strange world of humans. The story marshals humor to expose the nuttiness behind “the monkey mind.” Its intended audience is 6 to 80+. 

Example of Bodi’s curious monkey mind:

If aliens were to visit this planet they might think Coca-cola meant “Welcome,” muses Bodi.

"Only multi-task when you are multi-tasking." Bodi

This animation series explores the humor behind the intricacies of relationships and the challenges of emotional, psychological and spiritual development. Inspired by many different influences, from George Carlin to Mulla Nasrudin and the experiences of Nathan, the creator of Bodisutra, in India. The story explores the mystery of nature and the human condition.

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